Point Click Care

Laurel Health Care Company is pleased to utilize the electronic medical record system, PointClickCare. Our clinical teams can quickly and efficiently document all care delivery tasks electronically — within one central record for each resident. This system allows Laurel facilities to securely integrate with hospitals, physicians and pharmacies. PointClickCare provides access to critical health information across the continuum and improves and speeds up decision making. Less time spent documenting empowers our staff and physicians to spend more quality time with our guests, an outcome that they, the guest and families all appreciate.

The Laurels of Athens places great value on our ability to make a guest's transition from hospital to home as comfortable and beneficial as possible. The PointClickCare clinical documentation system assists our physicians and nurses in identifying and communicating abnormal findings or negative trends.

PointClickCare assists The Laurels of Athens in exceeding the needs and expectations of those we serve.

Nurse on Computer
Nurse on Laptop
Physician with Guest

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